Into The Mind of Zhangah. (Cover Release!)


After pouring our hearts and souls into the Gale comic for many months, we now have a cover for issue one! Included with the cover release is a conversation between Seth and I where we delve deep into the artistic journey. I want to thank Seth again for the thought-provoking questions, the very kind words and for being a great person all around. I`m very lucky to have teamed up with him. Any ways, I hope you will enjoy the read and the sneak peak of the cover🙂 If you haven`t done so already please follow us for updates on Twitter @gale_comic!

Strange Reflections

She was a mystery; someone I felt comfortable with and knew nothing about. I can’t explain it. I had just watched one of my projects slowly fizzle out, unfinished. I was considering going back to conventional writing and she found me. She had read samples of my scripts and she favored the voice behind my blog posts. I can still remember the message. . . sort of. She said something like, “If you ever want to do a noir style comic let me know”.  I remember thinking, “I have just the right idea”. That is what has led us to this point in our partnership. Angela Zhang has been a godsend. She has absolutely lived up to the etymology of her first name, which means “Messenger of God”. You can think what you will. I may actually be delusional, but I have truly told myself…

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Small World – P2



It`s been a long time coming but here it is finally, the second page of Small World, a collaboration with Jordan Kirian.

A lot has happened since the first page was posted. Jordan has started his own small press called  Hot Cake Comics (yum!). They’ll be showing off their first titles next month at S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo). So make sure to check out Hot Cake Comics for updates. They deserve a huge round of applause for their hard work because making comics is not an easy feat.

On my side of the world, I’ve been working on some great projects I can’t talk about at the moment (dem NDAs). However I can tell you that I’m illustrating Gale, a neo-noir comic series, by Seth Greenwood. We’ll be posting more information on Gale in the weeks to come so make sure to follow Seth (@RubblesWrites) and the hero of the story Gale Norman (@gale_comic) on Twitter for sneak peaks and progress updates.

Before I go, here’s a Small World Easter egg: the license plate in panel 3 is a vintage Ohio plate, a little tribute to the author and his home state. Finally I leave you with the original script of Small World Page 2 if you are interested in seeing our process. Enjoy!🙂

Page 2- 4 panels

Panel 1

Now Herman is standing over his model, placing the little house in its gap. This shot will have both Herman and the model in it pretty much completely. He looks really content here, he’s just finished another part of his big project.

Herman (Caption):

Everything is where it belongs. No surprises. No mistakes.

Panel 2

This panel is sort of like the last one, except Herman is starting to look a little more serious. His looking at the model has suckered his brain into thinking about the real world a little bit, so there is a little discomfort, a slight change of attitude here. Maybe he has his hand on his chin or something.


If only the world were this organized. This contained.

Herman (Caption):

Out there, the real world, is too opened. Too messy. But here…

Panel 3

Herman is kneeling down, eye level, to examine his model, as if taking in all the detail he has made, and appreciating how contained it all is. In his mind, that is beautiful. This is doing a lot to calm his thinking about the outside world.

Herman (Caption):

Here, it’s perfect.

Panel 4

Herman is still knelt beside his model, but now his eyes are shut tight. He looks calm, maybe a little proud of what he’s accomplished.

Herman (Caption):

Sometimes I close my eyes, and then I’m there. In this little world I’ve made.




Small World – Page 1



Update 09-10-2015: Hi guys, I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been buried in freelance projects (which is a wonderful thing). Once the dust settles a bit, I’ll be returning to Small World. Thanks for your patience🙂

The first page of Small World is finally out! Because we love sharing behind-the-scenes stuff, Jordan agreed to include the original script below to document the process of adapting words into panels. I’m not only thankful for Jordan’s original ideas but also for providing such a well-organized and detailed script which allowed me to fully focus on the art. Also, he left plenty of room in his writing for a generous amount of creative freedom and I had a blast running with his ideas.

Small World

Written by Jordan Kirian

Illustrated by Angela Zhang

Page 1-4 panels

Panel 1

A wide shot of the model town. At this distance, we don’t know it’s a model. Herman has spent quite some time building this thing, so there’s detail, and it’s big. We’ll only see a fraction of it. We only see landscaping, buildings no people or cars.


Agoraphobia – An abnormal fear of being in crowds, public places, or open areas.

Panel 2

A close up on a row of typical houses, side by side. However, there’s a gap between two of them, indicating there is a missing house. In this shot we’ll focus mostly on landscape and these little houses.

Panel 3

The focus is now on Herman’s hands. In one he holds the little missing house, and in the other a paintbrush. He’s doing some touching up, to make the model look its best. This one can be a smaller frame, unless you want to give a little more of his actual background. But if you get closer, you can really detail those ol’ hands of his.


Ah, completed. Finally.

Panel 4

Let’s zoom out now, Herman is sitting at his work desk surrounded by his tools and other miscellaneous parts of the model. Things are scattered about, as he has everything he might need. You know how messy it can get to make stuff. He’s smiling.

Ah yes, I know how messy it can get and I’m sure most creatives would agree. Here are a few notes on the creative process behind page one: 

  • The first page actually takes up two pages in a standard comic book format (6.625 in x 10.25 in). The idea of making the model town the backdrop allowed me to indulge in the details for the purpose of blurring the line of reality and imagination which is central to the story.
  • Since I knew we were dealing with a town that will reappear throughout the story, I created a 3D model in SketchUp which can be used over again to capture different shots. It was a time consuming process, not only in building the town in 3D but also painting over the shots digitally to integrate them with the 2D illustrations. Overall I’m happy with the results and learning a program like SketchUp is definitely helpful for future projects.

Black and white shot of the model town in SketchUp

I hope you enjoyed reading page one of Small World. We would love to hear any thoughts you have so far!