I woke up this morning filled with anticipation. I sat down to work immediately with a hot cup of tea and was in the zone sketching for hours upon hours.

Sticking with the theme of triangular shapes for Saccharine Valley, I was going to make a survival backpack for my imaginary nomadic people. All was going well. I was focused, I was understanding the form, the scanner issue had been resolved and my cold subsiding.

Then. It. Happened. What? How did I not see? Was I in denial the entire time?

It happened while I was adding texture in Photoshop. Only then did I realize I had chosen the weakest drawing to develop. Something about the proportions and colours reminded me of a whimsical boy scout (a strange interpretation of one at that).

I felt defeated. I couldn’t post this! I have nothing else to post! I will fail my daily sketch challenge and it’s only the second day of 2015!

But then, I started to chuckle (to myself). So what? The design didn’t turn out as planned. Boo hoo. The beauty of daily blogging is to share what didn’t work, learn from it and then try again tomorrow.

Have you recently dealt with moments of frustration where you just had to sit back and laugh at the situation?

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