Today was rather unfocused. After abandoning a few attempts of tweaking the survival backpack, I decided to try another angle and imagine what would go inside these packs. I was intrigued by the idea of including sentimental belongings like musical instruments constructed out of seashells which were perhaps a rare collectible among the nomads. I only got as far as studying reference and for now this idea will have to float like the disjointed images above.

If you could bring one sentimental item, what would you include in a survival pack and why?



2 thoughts on “Float

  1. I found this post in WordPress Reader, so disconnected from your own narrative. I’ve no idea yet what you are up to but i was struck by your fantastic and evocative instruments. I wonder at their music, perhaps the sound of surf with the underlying drone of the tide resonating in caves.

    1. Hi KESTRELART, thanks so much for visiting this little blog 🙂 I love your poetic description of what the music might sound like. I can almost hear it now. I’ll keep your description in mind as I let the ideas marinate.

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