Last month when I decided to suspend my internet due to travelling, I knew it would leave me without connection for a week upon my return home. I took it as a challenge to discipline myself to work at home but I did not plan to come back to freezing temperatures in the minus 20s and ongoing sniffles. Nevertheless, I am writing to you from a coffee shop, determined to continue sharing my artistic journey.

While I was curled up in fetal position on the 12 hour bus ride, I was reflecting on the painting that didn’t go so well. Above you’ll find the drawing that started it all and below the (cringe) painting.  I really debated whether or not I wanted to post the painting without having the chance to rework it. But I think this is a good learning opportunity.


I think the painting became problematic when I tried to ‘wing it’ with the mountains. I didn’t do any studies beforehand because I had painted mountains before. Because of this I spend hours trying to paint and repaint the rocky mountainside in Photoshop and it eventually became an over-textured, formless blob. I attempted to cover the monstrosity with fog and cloud effects and it just went completely downhill from there. I removed these layers, stripping the painting down to its most basic elements (composition, value, colour etc.). I realized what I needed was to increase my form vocabulary in rocks and mountains and gain some competency in articulating a mountainside which compliments the little house. This is going to entail thinking through, selecting and controlling the details. I’m not crazy about the way the colours are working either but that’s a whole other rant and something to work on.

And so the journey continues…


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