Yesterday I was excited to find a key photo reference which I did a rough study of in the above. To me, the photo encapsulates the idea of survival, home and transience – some of the emerging themes that I would like to explore further in drawing. I feel terrible that I can’t source the image. The photo was acquired on one of those google image search binges a few months ago and I will have to trace it’s origins when I’m not waiting on the epic speed of public internet. So please excuse my negligence for now.

The photo reference spurred on the idea of depicting a tiny house nestled in the mountain side, a direction that may resolve the painting that wasn’t working for me. It also has the potential of conveying the overwhelm I was feeling in various aspects of my life at the start of 2015 which made me want to hide in isolation. I look forward to playing around with this idea tomorrow to see if it will work.



On consistency…

You’ll have to forgive the naiveté of a new blogger. When I decided to commit to blogging daily as a way to hold myself accountable for my artistic growth, I didn’t create much of a buffer for, well, life (family, friends, eating, showering, sleeping etc.) Now I am in the midst of juggling client work in the mix. So the definition of consistency for me will shift and it will probably take a few months for me to really get the rhythm of maintaining the blog. I am thinking of trying Monday to Friday and using the weekend to catch up and eventually get ahead to the point where posting everyday is sustainable. I’m striving for daily posting because it has been beneficial for me in terms of addressing doubts and fears but more on this in a future post.

My small feat of 10 posts in 10 days has given me a new level of appreciation for bloggers, particularly artists who create visual/audio content along with writing. I am also very grateful for the small number of bloggers and artists who have stumbled onto this blog and given it a chance. Thank you. And the scribbling continues.

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