If you could be anywhere in the world…



In the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with a nomadic lifestyle and starting small by living between Toronto, New York, Montreal and Vermont.  The choices in destination are purely based on affordability ($60 to NY roundtrip – no brainer) and familiarity (friends, family, frequently visited places). The idea was to live my life after spending nearly 5 years of my 20s glued to a computer for work and entertainment (gah video games and Youtube).

I often fantasize about hopping on a plane, picking somewhere far away to live out of a backpack for an indeterminate time. That might still be in the cards however a recent email from a close friend of mine made me rethink life and travel. He’s a graphic/web designer and at the point of his career where he can do this and sustain himself anywhere in the world.

But right now he’s in Winnipeg (where we are both from), the one place that we dread, and the place of eternal winter, boredom and mosquitoes. He’s there to take care of his mom and be the rock to his family during a difficult time.  Then he will return to Toronto because there are people here who miss him and count on him. Because he has made a difference in our lives.

I’m very curious about the location independent lifestyle and I fully respect those who found the courage to adopt it and gain invaluable insight through the journey. I guess for my own personal reflections, I need to question my motivations. Am I trying to live an interesting life for the sake of living an interesting life or am I making meaningful lifestyle choices that will contribute to personal growth and impact people in a positive way? I am writing all this because this was all I was thinking about the entire time that I was sketching.

At this very moment, I just want to be at home in my toasty little box in the sky. Quite frankly I’m dreading the cold march to Tim Hortons where I will upload this post (It wasn’t that cold). Today I scribbled out the idea of nomadic dwellings, hidden away on a mountainside. I talk about the development of the idea in the last post. It is not the best drawing (and yes I am cringing) but it gets the idea across, something to build on later. The rocks and dwellings are not well integrated in the overall design and the rocks themselves did not turn out very well.  However, it might be interesting to push the discordance between the rocks and dwellings and I think this will need to be exaggerated more to work. Otherwise, I will have to resolve the composition with harmony.

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