Vermont Nostalgia


Still living out of a suitcase one week later. Maybe it’s time to unpack.

Today I did a study of a photo I managed to snap while my mom and I were driving in Vermont. I consider myself to be a lousy photographer and secretly envy those with the “eye.” But once in a while I manage to capture something I want to turn into a drawing. The drawing is an experiment with ink, pen, marker, gouache, pencil crayon and even white out on toned paper to depict a snowy day. Looking at the drawing now, I think the “snow” splattered more on my desk and keyboard than where it was supposed to land. I like to make a mess.

I should mention that this drawing, and many of the others that I create, are typically small, around 3in x 4in. I realize even at this size, I need to hold up the drawing at arms length every now and then to examine the overall composition. The farm house (or I hope that’s what you call it) looked like it was “titling” to one side. I did not notice this until I scanned the drawing into Photoshop and had to quickly fix the perspective problem.

And the scribbling continues…


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