The things we take for granted…


When the clock struck midnight and the date changed to January 15, I eagerly reactivated my internet and was almost giddy thinking about the coming nights when I can post in my pajamas. Empowered by the distraction-free experience of the last week, I was ready to roll with the luxury of researching, writing, and communicating from home. If I can be productive under the inconvenience of hiking in the cold to use Tim Horton’s internet, I thought, imagine what I can do now.

I rolled out of bed, changed, splashed cold water on my face and after I gorged on leftover pizza, I powered up the computer. My first instinct was to check my email. Nothing urgent. Refresh. Wait. Refresh.Oh, what’s this? A shiny new blog post? Where does this link lead? I’ll just start work after this 11 minute video. Before I knew it, it was 11:00AM. I forced myself to do research but my focus had already dissolved into a myriad of facts and opinions.

Even when I was drawing I couldn’t help “checking” something every 15 minutes or so. For a short period I structured my life around internet access; today the internet reformatted my life. Perhaps I’m just information binging and perhaps I need to find the discipline in having everything, quite literally, at my fingertips.

And the scribbling continues…

2 thoughts on “The things we take for granted…

    1. Hi CREATURELAURIE! Thanks so much for visiting 🙂 I used whatever I can get my hands on to create texture: ink, brush, calligraphy pen, ball point pen, marker, gouache, pencil crayon, toothbrush and white out on toned paper.

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