Through Ian’s Eyes: Part I


He’s lost in his thoughts again after another night of prowling.

The city streets invigorate him. He leaves well past midnight as expected. Meandering through the alleyways, he eventually rubs past a crowd of people, preferring the women with their nylon stockings, sometimes bare skin and heels. He is seeking a pat, a scratch, or better yet, a conversation in a warm bed after a tasty meal.  The winter air chills him and his stomach begins to ache.

As he crosses the pub along Fourth Street, he catches the eye of a boyish brunette through the foggy window. Have they met? He’s almost sure of it but he can only be certain by smell. She walks out and indicates to him to follow. Ah yes, the subtle traces of lavender and gin. She was the one who fixed him warm milk and then drowned her pillow with salty tears.


This very morning before the sun rose, there was white tuna. He curled up beside her at the small of her back with a fat, furry belly and purred while she quivered with sorrow.  Loss? Regret? Alienation? Doubt?  The tremors eventually stopped. He licked her cheek. She was fast asleep. And once again he squeezed through the bathroom window that remained ajar.

He is lost in his thoughts again – smells of lavender, gin, tuna and salt. He recounts his many tastes of intimacy which evaded commitment.

‘Through Ian’s Eyes’ is a mini project based on my friend’s iPhone photos between 2013-14. In the series I will pick a photo to draw and create a continuous story based on the image that’s part fiction and part experience. 

Ian and I met 8 years ago in Beijing and maintained a supportive, close friendship through email, skype and random meetings in Montreal, Vancouver, Vermont and New York. He is one of the most fascinating people I know and I hope to give you a glimmer of his unique philosophy. Whether or not he’s a cat is yet to be determined. 

3 thoughts on “Through Ian’s Eyes: Part I

    1. Thank you so much Sabri! Your encouragement means a lot to me, especially the writing part because I never thought myself as much of a writer. I love creating stories, took some workshops and practised every day. So I’m very happy that you enjoy the artwork & writing!

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