I often wonder about this life of mine and whether or not I should take a human companion.  I’m thinking this as I grow older each year.  I guess I could be of use to the girl who cries when my paws dry up and my stature becomes limp and all I can manage to do is walk from the kitchen to her bed.

Being a stray and surviving in the city means relying on humans and the thing they call cash. It’s either this  or competing with other nasty cats for garbage scraps or expend a lot of energy trying to snatch a clever sparrow. Some homes have mice but I’ve cultivated a taste for salty, soft foods. Still I choose this life of a stray to avoid wearing the collar.

Predictability at some point would be nice though. I have great affection for this man in front of me right now as I knead on his wool scarf. He has bailed me out of a few precarious situations.  He speaks to me as if I can comprehend what he is saying and would go on passionately, for hours, about the state of human affairs before dosing off.  Some words I’ve picked up from him include rallying, inequality, money and power.  I guess humans are also fighting for scraps and chasing sparrows in the world that they created.

The familiar scent of cedar and dried coffee beans is enticing but midnight fast approaches.

‘Through Ian’s Eyes’ is a mini project based on my friend’s 1000+ iPhone photos taken between 2013-14. In the series I will pick one photo a day for a week to interpret in drawing and story.

 Ian and I met 8 years ago in Beijing and maintained a supportive, close friendship through email, skype and random meetings in Montreal, Vancouver, Vermont and New York. He is one of the most fascinating people I know and I hope to give you a glimmer of his unique philosophy through the characterization of him… as a cat. 

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