Helping Mitch- Part I


Helping Mitch is an experimental short story and comic. Mitch, who just turned 40, used to run a successful manufacturing business. At the height of a typically stressful week, he was struck by a delivery truck and was never the same again after sustaining brain damage. The story explores the relationship between Mitch and his mother, Sharon, who has taken it upon herself to bring the old Mitch back at any expense.

Reflections on process

I’m not going to lie. Completing this page, which seems so simple, was a huge struggle. I was really excited to start this project and thought I would be able to finish the page on Wednesday. I felt prepared with my character studies and thumbnails, just brimming with that new-project-enthusiasm, but when it came time for the final, I just BOMBED.

Every day was like pushing a heavy boulder up a hill in a shopping cart and that hill become increasingly steeper with every new tweet, text, phone call, meeting or email that came in. I found myself procrastinating in all areas of my life. The anxiety from unreturned messages and avoiding tasks was crippling. There was a point where I kept redrawing the same line over and over, thinking this will somehow lead to progress.  Yep, it was pretty bad.

But today I managed to pull it together and make something that’s presentable and gets the idea across. That idea is to introduce the main character, Mitch, from the fragments of his external surroundings (his mother’s narration, photos etc.). At this point, Mitch is isolated and does not have any control or say over his life as he is defined by his condition and trapped by his past. We will have to see what will become of Mitch and I really mean ‘we’ because I don’t even know what will happen next. Well, I really hope you enjoyed reading and would love to hear what you thought of the first installment of Helping Mitch.

Until next time, the scribbling continues…


3 thoughts on “Helping Mitch- Part I

      1. I’ve never been so proud as when my own blog was cited against me. That was too good. I really love what you did with the panels here, you have a good eye for layouts. I know how you feel though, writing a comic is a whole different experience from writing pros, and I imagine it’s the same for drawing vs. sequential drawing. Practice practice and practice some more, it’ll be like second nature to you soon.

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