Sharon searches for Mitch after losing him outside the hospital.  I think I left enough clues to allow you guys to figure out why Mitch would run to the cemetery and whom that mausoleum honours. If you need a refresher of the story or you’re new to Helping Mitch, all the pages can be found here.  (For the earlier pages, scroll down and the thumbnails should appear like magic). But, oh no, what happened to Mitch? I guess we’ll have to find out next week…

Reflections on Process

I’m happy to say the process was smooth sailing this week. I finished in half the time of the previous pages and I’m pretty satisfied with the overall mood of the page. As you may already know, the last two pages have been a struggle, a necessary agony where I learned the most. I think I had to go through a period of obsessing over meaningless details, indecisiveness and getting bogged down by the infinite layers and options that is Photoshop which resulted in stiff, overworked drawings. During these periods of frustration *eye twitch* I tend to isolate myself and neglect my health until I get it right (whatever that means).

So what I’ve come to realize is that you really need to find a way to take care of yourself first. Yes I know it’s not really earth-shattering advice but worth repeating because it’s too easy to forget to take care of ourselves among the countless responsibilities and very shiny distractions. I realize I didn’t even have to do much to get back into the flow of creating from a place joy and focus. Nope, I just went for the small wins of exercising for 5-30 minutes a day, cutting out sugar, putting a time limit on project tasks and visiting friends in person. These tiny changes gave me a huge boost of energy and I was more productive in less time. Also it was just really cool to get the opportunity to draw a cemetery which is based on one of my favourite places in the city: the Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

As Helping Mitch comes to an end in a couple of pages, I’m very excited to begin work on a comic written by my friend Jordan Kirian, a very talented writer and comedian. What drew me to Jordan’s work is that he gets what it takes to be a writer and for an entire year he blogged everyday and no not just status updates but 1000 word essays that both entertain and encourage you to reflect on life. When I learned that he wanted to write comics and is currently interested in making dark comedy/slice-of-life fiction, I just had a feeling this was the right kind of creative partnership. While Jordan’s taking a well deserved break form blogging, can I just say how awesome it is to work with a writer, particularly Jordan? Not only is Jordan a supportive friend and funny guy, there’s nothing quite like the peace of mind that comes from knowing the writing has been crafted by excellent hands and you can just focus on dramatizing the dialogue/subtext through sequential images.

Well until next time, happy scribbling!

7 thoughts on “HELPING MITCH – PAGE 12

  1. So good to hear that you’ve rediscovered your mojo. The cemetery and the mausoleum pictures are great, brooding, and very slightly malevolent… I’m looking forward, as always, to the next installment!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! It’s amazing what a quick jog can do for your creative mojo so I’ll have to remember this next time I’m struggling (and there will be plenty of struggle to come). I’m also looking forward to your sketches and watercolours 🙂

      1. Good luck with the struggle, and the running. I will think of you when I’m out pounding the trail and send you some extra creative vibes (not that you really need them!).

      2. Haha I really appreciate that Rebecca, I think extra creative vibes are always welcome to tame the inner critic. Now when I go for a run I’ll think of you and your watercolours to send positive energy your way 🙂 But oh man, it’s going to take a while to work my way back to a 5k again lol

  2. I can’t believe it’s coming to an end in a few pages. I’ve been enjoying this thoroughly!! However, I look forward to seeing your new project 🙂

    1. Inkblot thanks so much for taking the time to read the comic and blog and for all your encouraging words throughout the process. It has meant a lot to me, especially when the going got tough. I’m also looking forward to applying what I learned from Helping Mitch to the next project 🙂

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