Into The Mind of Zhangah. (Cover Release!)

After pouring our hearts and souls into the Gale comic for many months, we now have a cover for issue one! Included with the cover release is a conversation between Seth and I where we delve deep into the artistic journey. I want to thank Seth again for the thought-provoking questions, the very kind words and for being a great person all around. I`m very lucky to have teamed up with him. Any ways, I hope you will enjoy the read and the sneak peak of the cover 🙂 If you haven`t done so already please follow us for updates on Twitter @gale_comic!

Strange Reflections

She was a mystery; someone I felt comfortable with and knew nothing about. I can’t explain it. I had just watched one of my projects slowly fizzle out, unfinished. I was considering going back to conventional writing and she found me. She had read samples of my scripts and she favored the voice behind my blog posts. I can still remember the message. . . sort of. She said something like, “If you ever want to do a noir style comic let me know”.  I remember thinking, “I have just the right idea”. That is what has led us to this point in our partnership. Angela Zhang has been a godsend. She has absolutely lived up to the etymology of her first name, which means “Messenger of God”. You can think what you will. I may actually be delusional, but I have truly told myself…

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