Riding Hood Noir

I hope your 2017 is off to a good start!

January has been a series of minor setbacks for me in terms of project delays. As dead pine trees litter the alleyways of a holiday season spent, it’s all too easy to fall into the trappings of the winter blues.

It’s quiet and you know what? This is the perfect time to do some house cleaning for the illustration business. This means taking a hard look at the website, blog, social media channels and other portfolio sites to determine what’s working and what’s not. (Let me tell you there are many things that are not working due to my lack of consistency).

The quiet can also be a precious moment to delve back into personal work, as a way to experiment with techniques and explore themes more deeply. I’m giving myself a simple assignment with well defined parameters: to make eight 11′ x 14″illustrations based on fairy tales which build on my  gritty, black and white atmospheric style.

I’m fascinated with how stories survive over time and how they are retold and transformed by context. My aim with the series is to think about the theme of each story and retell it from my point of view. Each of the illustrations will be accompanied with an introspective blurb. My intent is to share some hard earned lessons which may be of help to those carving their own paths.

Riding Hood Noir (11×14 Illustration) – When I was little, stories of the Big Bad Wolf haunted my dreams. My relatives told me if I didn’t cover myself with a blanket at night, I would be eaten by the Wolf. Fear can be used to control our behavior. If left unchecked it can prevent us from doing the things that matter. Ignoring fear is not an option for it will follow us into the unknown. It is up to us to persevere knowing that fear is not far behind. – Angela Zhang









12 thoughts on “Riding Hood Noir

  1. Great to see you back, and what a marvellous illustration! I really love it (always a sucker for a silhouetted tree or two and a splash of red). More please! 🙂

  2. Nice to realize you’re in, Angela. ~ So this picture is like a haunting you say, but what if to change the view when the pretty red hood pursues the poor Wolf? : )

      1. Banishing the fears is not that running away from them. I don’t know though whether it works in all the cases. It’s about the choices and the ways of avoiding perhaps. : )

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