‘Wonder’ is the second illustration in the noir fairy tale series and it is a modern twist on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. It goes without saying, Alice in Wonderland is an unforgettable classic that has been re-imagined and referenced countless times across different mediums (animation, film, painting, video games, comics etc.)

Personally, the story appeals to me more as an adult than when I first encountered it as a kid. It think this is because Alice’s predicament in a fantasy world can be a mirror to the chaotic process of making choices and dealing with those consequences as adults. For instance, Alice leads with curiosity and starts off somewhat naively. She makes choices that have immediate consequences. Ultimately she has to use her wit to navigate a world inhabited by apathetic characters.

‘Wonder’ seeks to capture the moment just before a decision happens.Sometimes making a decision is the most frustrating thing to do especially if you are presented with options. Other times, when you’ve made mistakes, like I have, you might feel powerless and limited in choice. Wonder’ also brings into question the role of curiosity in making decisions as a way to reflect on the trappings of logic that may have been created by our inner narratives.

Wonder (11×14) – I remember a time when I was an avid day dreamer and this lasted well into adulthood (secretly). I loved staring off into space and letting my thoughts drift into other worlds. In those moments, I wondered about all sorts of things both real and imaginary, and free of judgement. Ha! Silly rabbit, wonder is just for kids. Let’s trade your curiosity for practicality. Let’s sell your values to choose a side; there ya go, to the left or maybe the right. Let’s follow the noise so we can ditch your calling. But wait a minute. Did you see that? Over there! A white rabbit… just this once let’s see where it leads. – Angela Zhang



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