zhangah-iconHello there! I am called Zhangah (the alter ego of Angela Zhang). I was born in the summer of 2012 when Angela, then a repressed artist, decided to roam around the city with a red wig. It was a small act of rebellion from the years of unspoken frustration towards the drudgery and empty promises of adult life.

I am here on a secret mission to enliven Angela’s creativity. However, in an age of hyper connectivity, over sharing, noise and more noise, we have crippling social media anxiety. We cannot bring ourselves to post our crap, I mean art, in front of people we actually know. So I turn to this blog to get us into the regular habit of posting stuff for anonymous ridicule (or more likely to be completely ignored) with the hope of delighting one or two folks along the way.

Congratulations! You’ve read this far which means there’s a chance you haven’t been scared away and maybe even interested in MORE… If you want to chat, inquire about art commissions or other business related stuff,  please drop us a line using the form below.

11 thoughts on “About

    1. Rey thanks so much for the comment + follow 🙂

      I’ve been following your blog for a while and look forward to seeing more of your digital paintings!

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